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Online businesses and Organization donations made easy in Rwanda by Flutterwave

Flutterwave securing additional licenses in Rwanda for Electronic Money Issuer and Remittance licenses is a game-changer for web development services in the country. Now, creating e-commerce and organizational websites in Rwanda is much simpler with Flutterwave.

These new licenses empower Flutterwave to enhance its operations in East Africa, offering services like money deposit and withdrawal, electronic funds transfer, and inbound and outbound remittances to Rwanda’s population. This development also means that websites can now seamlessly process and charge international bank cards online.

Businesses in Rwanda can benefit significantly from Flutterwave. It opens up endless possibilities, allowing online sales, payment processing, building financial products, and utilizing business tools for growth. With Flutterwave’s approval in Rwanda, businesses can set up websites integrated with Flutterwave, enabling them to sell globally and receive payments directly through their bank accounts.

This change is significant, especially considering the limited options for payment gateways in Rwanda. Previously, Pesapal was the primary alternative, but now businesses have a more versatile option with Flutterwave.

For individuals looking to sell products or services online, Flutterwave offers an easy solution. Whether you have a crafts and arts shop in Kigali or any other business, setting up a website integrated with Flutterwave allows you to accept payments from customers worldwide.

For organizations in Rwanda, Flutterwave addresses the challenge of receiving online donations. Unlike other payment gateways, Flutterwave supports donation payments, providing a crucial tool for fundraising and sustaining projects. This is particularly important because alternatives like Pesapal are not suitable for donation payments.

If you’re in Rwanda and need a website design, you can contact us for a free quote and demo. Flutterwave’s impact is transformative, making online transactions, sales, and donations much more accessible for individuals and organizations in Rwanda.

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