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How much would developing a full website cost in Uganda ?

Determining the cost of website design in Uganda involves considering various factors. At Smart Choice, we typically provide two pricing options.

  1. Static Website: This is for a simple website with 1-6 pages, including Home, About, Services, Gallery, and Contact pages.
  2. Dynamic Website: Usually built on WordPress or a custom CMS, it includes more pages, a Content Management System for easy editing, eCommerce features, chat systems, etc. The cost varies based on specific requirements, such as a car stock management system or search filters for a real estate website.

Important Points:

  • Each project is unique, and prices can vary.
  • Features like eCommerce, chat systems, etc., affect the overall cost.
  • We customize quotes based on client needs and desired features.
  • Having quoted over 500 websites since 2010, we’ve learned not to treat every project the same.

In essence, the complexity and features of a website influence its cost, and we tailor our quotes to the specific needs of each client

Where can I hire freelance web designers?

We’re a flexible company offering web design services. In addition to our regular services, we also provide freelance web design options. Whether you’re in Germany, the USA, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Singapore, or The Netherlands, our freelancers are available. The cost for a website project starts at $300. Choose us as a company or opt for freelance services, depending on your preference.

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